Are American Airlines and Amex Transfer Partners?

Are American Airlines and Amex transfer partners? People all over the internet have been battling this same question if there’s a relationship between airlines and credit card issuers.

Are American Airlines and Amex Transfer Partners?

These queries usually come up as customers try to maximize their airline loyalty and credit card benefits.

Let’s ride on to the main reason for your visit.

We will examine the relationship between these two titans of the business and shed light on the possible advantages for credit card enthusiasts and frequent fliers.

Are American Airlines and Amex Transfer Partners?

Yes, there is a partnership between American Airlines and American Express.

This partnership allows users to use Amex’s co-branded credit cards.

To entice followers of the airline, Barclays and Citibank offer credit cards bearing American Airlines branded credit cards.

However, there are some co-branded Amex cards that allow users to earn AAdvantage® miles through American Airlines through the Amex Membership Rewards® program.

Benefits of American Airlines-Amex Partnership

Digest the benefits this two titan has in store for you;

1. Earning AAdvantage® Miles:

With select co-branded Amex cards, cardholders can earn AAdvantage® miles on eligible purchases, similar to American Airlines-branded credit cards.

This allows travellers to accumulate miles for award flights and other redemption options.

2. Enhanced Travel Perks:

Some co-branded Amex cards provide additional travel benefits like free checked bags, priority boarding, and in-flight discounts when flying with American Airlines.

3. Versatile Redemption Options:

Amex Membership Rewards® points earned with co-branded cards can be transferred to the AAdvantage® program, offering more flexibility in redeeming miles for flights, upgrades, and other travel rewards.


Choosing the Right Card for You

I’ll be honest: When choosing between an American Airlines credit card and a co-branded Amex card.

Consider your travel interests, loyalty to American Airlines, and credit card preferences.

Frequent American Airlines flyers may prefer the dedicated airline-branded cards, while those seeking broader rewards redemption options might lean towards Amex cards with AAdvantage® mile transferability.

How Do I Get American Airlines Miles from Amex?

I have crafted a few easy steps that you will follow to earn AAdvantage® miles through Amex Membership Rewards® and enhance your travel experience with American Airlines.

1. Choose the Right Amex Card

Choose a credit card from American Express that allows you to redeem AAdvantage® miles.

Look for co-branded Amex cards that align with your travel preferences and spending habits.

2. Earn Amex Membership Rewards® Points

Use your chosen Amex card for everyday purchases to earn valuable Membership Rewards® points.

Choose credit cards with sizable bonus categories to hasten the accumulation of points.

3. Access Amex Membership Rewards® Portal

Log in to your Amex account and navigate to the Membership Rewards® portal.

Here, you can explore available transfer partners, including American Airlines.

4. Link Your AAdvantage® Account

What are you waiting for? Get an account now. Link your AAdvantage® account with Amex Membership Rewards®.

This ensures the smooth transfer of points to your AAdvantage® account.

5. Initiate the Transfer

Once your accounts are linked, initiate the transfer of Membership Rewards® points to AAdvantage® miles.

Check the transfer ratio to calculate the number of miles you’ll receive.

6. Utilize Your AAdvantage® Miles

Your AAdvantage® miles will reflect in your American Airlines account shortly after the transfer.

Now, you can redeem them for award flights, upgrades, or other exciting travel rewards.

Getting American Airlines miles from Amex is a straightforward process that empowers you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The partnership between American Airlines and American Express opens up exciting opportunities for travellers to earn AAdvantage® miles through Amex co-branded cards.

This collaboration expands the scope of rewards, enhancing the travel experience for frequent flyers and credit card enthusiasts alike.

Whether you choose an American Airlines-branded credit card or a co-branded Amex card, the synergy between these industry leaders offers a multitude of benefits to elevate your journey with American Airlines.

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