Can I Combine Points and Cash on Southwest?

How to Use Points and Cash on Southwest Airlines

Can I combine points and cash on Southwest Airlines? Many travellers wonder if they can mix their Rapid Rewards points with cash when purchasing tickets.

Can I Combine Points and Cash on Southwest?

Well, here’s it, Southwest Airlines has upped the ante with its Rapid Rewards loyalty program.

On October 16, 2023, the airline announced an update about the Cash and Points booking feature.

Stay with us to find out about other updates and offerings from the airline to make your travel experience even better.

Can I Combine Points and Cash on Southwest?

Yes, Southwest Airlines has introduced an exciting update for its customers. 

Starting in spring 2024, travellers can use both points and cash to book flights. 

This new feature, “Cash and Points,” offers members the convenience of combining Rapid Rewards points with money to secure their tickets.

With this option, members can choose from up to five preset combinations for using their points and cash, starting from a minimum of just 1,000 points. 

This expansion is a significant boost to the availability and variety of options, therefore, making it more convenient for travelers to properly utilize their points and savings when making plans for their trips.

Are Cash and Points Also a Tier Status Qualifier?

If you book a flight using the Cash and Points option, your flight will certainly become part of the number of flights required to earn tier statuses like A-List, A-List Preferred, or Companion Pass.

Yet, this is valid if you are on the flight.

But, it’s also worth mentioning that these bookings will get you the flights needed for you to get the tier status, but they will not earn you any Rapid Rewards points.

Also, you will not be able to gain any tier qualifying points towards A-List or A-List Preferred status, as well as you will not earn points towards qualifying for the Companion Pass with this type of booking.

What Other New Improvements Has Southwest Made?

Other things provided by Southwest include:

1. Fly Fewer Miles and Earn Elite Status

The new tiers begin in 2024, and it is now much simpler to get to the A-List status on Southwest.

Now, you can opt for 20 one-way flights or 10 roundtrips, which is much less than the 25-segment option of the past.

Also, you can become A-List by attaining 35,000 tier-qualifying points, which is still the same amount.

You are given a whole year to meet these requirements, and once you do, you will have an A-list status for the current year and the whole next year.

For example, if you earn an A-List status with 20 one-way flights in 2024, then you will keep this status through at least Dec. 31, 2025.

2. Earn TQPs Faster With Your Southwest Credit Card

If the thought of completing at least 20 one-way trips with Southwest to qualify for status seems daunting, there’s good news for you. 

Recent updates to Rapid Rewards have made earning Tier Qualifying Points (TQPs) much quicker, especially for holders of Southwest’s co-branded Chase credit cards (excluding the Plus card).

Previously, cardholders earned 1,500 TQPs towards A-List and A-List Preferred status after every $10,000 spent. 

However, starting from January 1, 2023, cardholders began earning the same amount of TQPs after every $5,000 in spending instead. 

This change effectively allows you to reach status twice as fast using your credit card spending.

3. Free Drinks for Top Elites

As of November 6, 2023, A-List Preferred members got two free premium drinks on every Southwest flight longer than 176 miles. 

These complimentary drinks were loaded as digital coupons into eligible members’ accounts, allowing them to enjoy a glass of beer, wine, or liquor (or two) on most Southwest flights.

Alcoholic drinks cost just $6 or $7 on Southwest.

4. Accelerate Your Status with Credit Card Spending

If you’re accustomed to putting hefty sums on a Southwest credit card such as the Southwest Premier or the Southwest Priority, here’s some exciting news.

You’ll soon be able to reach A-List (or A-List Preferred) status in half the time.

Starting January 1, 2024, cardholders began earning 1,500 tier-qualifying points for every $5,000 charged to a Rapid Rewards card, cutting the previous spending requirement in half from $10,000. 

This means that by spending approximately $116,000 per year on a Southwest card, you could swiftly attain A-List status.

Can I Use Cash and Points for Booking Tickets for Others?

Can I Combine Points and Cash on Southwest?

Yes, Members of Southwest Airlines have the flexibility to use Cash and Points to book tickets for others, not just for themselves. 

This means that individuals can leverage their points and cash to organize travel arrangements for friends, family members, or colleagues.

This enhances convenience and simplifies the booking process for everyone involved.

Is it Possible to Transfer Southwest Points?

Yes, at Southwest, they empower you to manage your Rapid Rewards balance with ease. 

If you find your points balance lacking, you have the option to purchase Rapid Rewards points at any time. 

It doesn’t stop there, you also have the flexibility to share the love by gifting or transferring your points to others or even donating them to charity. 

It’s all about spreading joy and making someone’s day brighter with your generosity.

Southwest Airlines’ Rapid Rewards program has long been a favourite among frequent flyers, cherished for its perks and benefits. 

The latest program updates, especially the easier path to elite status, reinforce Southwest’s reputation for fairness and inclusivity, setting it apart from other airlines.

Becoming a member of Rapid Rewards adds significant value to your experience with Southwest Airlines. 

From earning points on flights to enjoying exclusive perks, there’s plenty to gain by creating an account. 

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