Can You Save Seats on Southwest Airlines?

Can You Save Seats on Southwest Airlines? Most times during travel, we all want to get the best seat that suits us.

Can You Save Seats on Southwest Airlines?

Some people get to rush in to enter the bus whenever it is time to enter the bus. Guess why? It is to get a good seat for ourselves of course.

However, this is not the same case when it comes to travelling with Southwest Airlines or any other airline.

You will be assigned a boarding group and position and that is how you will board the plane. So when it comes to seating on the plane, can you save a seat?

Can You Save Seats on Southwest Airlines?

Saving seats on Southwest Airlines sparks debate among passengers, with no official policy against the practice.

Contrary to some airlines, Southwest does not restrict seat-saving. This arises from its unique boarding process where seats aren’t assigned, creating both opportunities and challenges.

Southwest acknowledges that families may desire to sit together but leaves the seat selection to the passengers.

So, while there isn’t a formal prohibition on saving seats, it’s essential to be considerate of fellow travellers.

Navigating Southwest’s open-seating policy requires strategic planning, such as early check-in and leveraging Rapid Rewards perks.

In the absence of seat assignments, passengers can adopt practical approaches to enhance their flying experience.

How Do You Find Empty Seats on a Plane?

When checking in online, usually a day before the flight, you can find available seats on the plane.

The system shows available seats during seat selection or purchase, providing information about the plane’s occupancy.

With this early evaluation, travellers can determine how crowded the flight is and, if necessary, transfer to a less crowded flight for a more comfortable experience.

By making the most of this pre-flight check-in opportunity, passengers can potentially secure more spacious seating arrangements for a more comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Tips for Securing Your Preferred Seats

Follow the tips below;

1. Early Check-In Advantage

To increase your chances of snagging the best seats, take advantage of Southwest’s EarlyBird Check-In.

This optional service automatically checks you in before general check-in begins, giving you an earlier boarding position.

2. Rapid Rewards A-List Status

Achieving A-List status through Southwest’s Rapid Rewards program can provide perks like priority boarding, improving your chances of getting your preferred seat.

3. Group Boarding

If you’re flying with friends or family, take advantage of Southwest’s group boarding policy. While seats aren’t reserved, boarding together can increase the likelihood of finding adjacent seats.

4. Strategic Boarding

Considering your priorities, think about boarding strategically. Choose an earlier boarding position if you really must have a certain seat.

Although traditional seat reservations are not accepted by Southwest Airlines, customers still have several ways to reserve their ideal seats.

You can maximize Southwest’s open-seating policy by arriving early, achieving A-List status, using group boarding, and boarding methodically.

Therefore, the next time you travel with Southwest, know you can have a comfortable and stress-free trip with a little preparation.

Fly with assurance, knowing you can work your way around Southwest’s seating arrangement and create a trip to remember. Happy travels!

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