Do companion pass points expire

How Long Does Companion Pass Work?

Do companion pass points expire? The Southwest Companion Pass is like a golden ticket for frequent flyers of Southwest Airlines.

Do companion pass points expire?

It’s a special deal where when you buy a flight, you can bring a friend along for free (though they still have to pay taxes and fees). But getting one isn’t easy.

You have to fly a lot to earn it, and once you have it, its value depends on how often you use it.

So, let’s go further to know if the points for the companion pass expire, how it works exactly, and the key things you need to know about the pass.

Do Companion Pass Points Expire?

The Companion Pass points do not expire but last for the rest of the current year and the whole next year after you earn it.

This means it’s best to earn the Companion Pass early in the year.

However, getting the Companion Pass requires earning a large number of Companion Pass points. So, earning all 135,000 points quickly at the start of the year can be difficult.

One way to make significant progress towards getting the Companion Pass is by strategically earning credit card welcome bonuses early in the year.

The Companion Pass is valid for the rest of the year you earn it and the entire following year.

If you earn the Companion Pass early in the year, you can enjoy nearly two years of travel benefits. For instance, earning the pass on February 3, 2024, remains valid until December 31, 2025.

To qualify for the Companion Pass, you must take 100 qualifying one-way flights or earn 135,000 qualifying points within a calendar year.

Once you qualify, you’ll receive the Companion Pass for the entire following calendar year, plus the remainder of the year you earned it.

How Often Can a Companion Pass Be Used?

The Southwest Companion Pass lets you bring a friend along on your flights for just the cost of taxes and fees, which is usually around $5.60 for a one-way domestic ticket.

You can use this perk as many times as you want while you have the pass. To get the pass, you need to earn 135,000 points in a calendar year (from January 1st to December 31st).

You can track your progress towards earning the pass on Southwest’s website. If you earn the pass in June 2024, your companion can join you for the cost of taxes and fees.

But once the pass expires, you can’t bring a companion on any flights, even if you booked them before the expiration date.

You can use your points to book your flight and then use the pass to book your friend’s flight, essentially getting two flights for the price of one.

To earn points, you can sign up for a Southwest credit card and earn points after spending a certain amount within the first few months of opening the account.

How the Southwest Companion Pass Works

Do companion pass points expire?

The Southwest Companion Pass is a fantastic bonus for travelers. It lets pass holders bring a friend along on all Southwest flights for almost nothing.

On flights within the U.S., you only need to pay $5.60 in taxes each way for your companion.

Once you earn the Companion Pass, it’s valid from the date you earn it until the end of the next calendar year.

This means you get a full year or more to enjoy having a companion with you on Southwest flights.

Southwest allows pass holders to change their companion up to three times per year.

No limits exist on how often or where you can use the Companion Pass. Plus, there are no blackout dates or restrictions on seat availability.

Even if there’s only one seat left on a flight, Southwest will let you reserve it for your companion.

You can bring a companion regardless of how you booked your flight.

So, if you used Rapid Rewards points for your ticket, you can still bring a friend along for just the cost of taxes and fees – as low as $5.60 each way.

How to Earn the Companion Pass for Almost Two Years

Timing is crucial when it comes to earning the Southwest Companion Pass with credit card bonuses.

The bonus points from a credit card count towards the Companion Pass when they show up in your Rapid Rewards account.

So, if you apply for a Southwest credit card late in the year, like November or December, and spend enough to earn the bonus, you can get a head start on qualifying for the pass next year.

You have to time it so that you reach the spending threshold for the bonus after your December statement closes.

That way, the bonus points will hit your account in January of the following year. Depending on how big the bonus is, this could give you a significant jump towards earning the Companion Pass for that year.

How To Change Your Southwest Companion Pass Companion

If you have a Southwest Companion Pass, you can switch your chosen companion up to three times a year, giving you a total of four companions throughout the year.

But remember, you can only have one designated companion at a time.

Unfortunately, you can’t change your Companion Pass online. This is probably to prevent any fraudulent changes to your account.

Instead, you’ll need to give Southwest a call at 1-800-435-9792 to make the switch.

Keep in mind that it might take up to 21 business days for Southwest to process the change and send you a new Companion Pass card.

So, if you’re planning a trip, it’s best to make any companion changes as soon as you can.

Southwest Companion Pass points do not expire as long as you maintain your account in good standing.

This means you can save up your points over time and use them whenever it suits you to enjoy the perks of traveling with a companion at almost no extra cost.

So, even if you’re planning a spontaneous getaway or a carefully organized vacation, your Companion Pass points will be there waiting for you whenever you’re ready to take off on your next adventure.

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