Do I Need to Print My Boarding Pass if I check in Online?

Do I need to print my Boarding Pass if I check in online? Maybe you are done checking in online and might not know whether to print out the boarding pass. We have good news for you stay tuned.

Do I Need to Print My Boarding Pass if I check in Online?

Utilizing online check-in allows you to complete the check-in process conveniently from your home or workplace and enables you to print your boarding pass independently.

Alternatively, you can receive a link to your boarding pass on your mobile device via email.

Simply showcase the barcode of your boarding pass on your device’s screen at both the security checkpoint and during the boarding process.

So, do you still need to print your boarding pass even after checking in online? Let’s find out below!

Do I Need to Print My Boarding Pass if I Check in Online?

Determining whether to print your boarding pass after completing online check-in isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

The cautious approach suggests printing the pass, even if you’ve checked in online and have a mobile version on your phone.

This precautionary measure is a reliable backup, addressing concerns like a depleted phone battery or technical hitches.

Although digital boarding passes are widely accepted. But opting for a printed copy adds an extra layer of assurance.

Airlines vary in their policies, so it’s wise to lean towards the tangible, ensuring a smoother boarding experience.

Advantages of Printing Boarding Pass

1. Having a printed boarding pass will save you in case your phone is off or even when you have a bad network.

2. It will be easier to check with a paper boarding pass because unlocking the phone and even opening the app can waste time sometimes.

3. A printed pass offers a tangible keepsake for your travel memories, something you can hold onto after your trip.


4. A visible boarding pass gives passengers who take a more traditional approach a feeling of security and familiarity.

5. It removes the possibility of compatibility problems or digital problems with mobile devices.

6. A printed pass ensures access to vital travel information even when electronic devices must be turned off.

7. Some travellers prefer to show their actual boarding pass rather than scan or display digital codes because it is more comfortable for them to do so.

Tips for a Smooth Boarding Experience

1. Check Airline Policies: Air boarding pass rules vary among airlines. Keep yourself updated about the particular requirements of the airline you are using.

2. Download the App: Some airlines have dedicated apps that make managing your boarding pass even more convenient.

Consider downloading the app for your airline for a seamless experience.

3. Charge Your Devices: If you want to use the digital boarding pass, just ensure your phone is well-charged to avoid stories touching the heart.

This simple step can prevent last-minute stress and you will have a stress-free boarding process.

The seemingly straightforward question about printing a boarding pass after checking in online shows a complex process of decision-making for smooth travel.

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