Do Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants Get Paid Weekly?

Do Southwest Airlines flight attendants get paid weekly? Some corporate settings pay their staff every week while most pay every month. Check out to see if the Southwest Airlines flight attendants receive weekly payments.

Do Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants Get Paid Weekly?

Contemplating a career as a Southwest Airlines flight attendant?

One of the initial queries likely revolves around the payment frequency: Do Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants Get Paid Weekly?

Grasping the intricacies of the compensation system is pivotal in making any career choice, especially in the aviation sector.

We will furnish you with an in-depth examination of how Southwest flight attendants receive their salary.

If a career as a flight attendant with Southwest is on your radar, this information proves indispensable and warrants a thorough read.

Do Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants Get Paid Weekly?

There is flexibility in the frequency of payments paid to Southwest Airlines flight attendants. Their compensation is dependent upon the number of flights they work each month.

Instead of paying its flight attendants every week, Southwest Airlines allows them to get paid every two weeks. Individual preferences are catered to by this flexibility.

This gives flight attendants the freedom to select a payment schedule that suits their needs and preferences financially.

In addition to providing a work environment that prioritizes flexibility and employee well-being, Southwest Airlines makes sure that its flight attendants receive regular compensation for their devoted service.

Regardless of whether they choose a monthly or bi-weekly schedule.

How Many Days a Month Do Southwest Flight Attendants Work?

Without overtime, Southwest Airlines flight attendants work an average of 12–14 days per month. And that accumulates to 65–85 flight hours. The flight attendant schedules are not constant.

That is also how the number of weeks worked can change from one month to the next.

Because of the differing needs of the airline industry, flight attendants may find themselves working more weeks in some months than others.


Southwest flight attendants experience a wide variety of work patterns because of this scheduling variability.

This adds to the dynamic and constantly evolving nature of their roles within the airline.

How many Days off a Week do Flight Attendants Get?

Flight attendants’ work schedules vary based on experience levels. New flight attendants often start with a reserve schedule, requiring proximity to the airport or standby duty.

As they gain seniority, flight attendants, especially those with more experience, enjoy increased flexibility in scheduling and destination choices.

Regardless of experience, both new and senior flight attendants typically have around 12 days off per month.

These days off provide a valuable opportunity for rest, personal time, and the chance to explore the travel benefits that come with the job.

This thereby contributes to a work-life balance that accommodates the demands of the aviation industry.

Southwest Airlines pays its flight attendants every two weeks instead of every week. This compensation plan is in line with industry norms.

It is also a component of the airline’s larger dedication to the welfare of its workers. In addition to regular pay, Southwest Airlines provides a full benefits package.

That reflects the airline’s commitment to promoting a positive and encouraging work environment for every one of its employees.

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