Do You Have to Pay for Boarding on Southwest?

Do you have to pay for boarding on Southwest? It is pertinent to know about the boarding process of Southwest Airlines and also if they charge you to pay the boarding fee for boarding.

Do You Have to Pay for Boarding on Southwest?

One common question you must have asked is if you have to pay an extra fee for boarding on Southwest Airlines.

It is always awkward when you are asked to pay additional money that is not even in your budget. You know that feeling right?

And that may be why you are curious to know if you have to pay for boarding in Southwest. Is the answer a yes or a no? Let’s find out!

Do You Have to Pay for Boarding on Southwest?

No, you don’t have to pay extra for better boarding positions on Southwest Airlines. But that is if you have specific Southwest credit cards that offer upgraded boarding passes.

To get one of the first 15 seats (A1-15 boarding position) on a Southwest flight can feel so good but the problem comes when money is involved. You will have to pay up to $15 for each person.

But some special credit cards can help you out. For example, the Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card comes with its benefits.

They include getting four free upgraded passes every year. This means you can board the plane early without paying an extra fee.

So, if you have this card, you can enjoy a better seat without paying any additional money. It’s a nice benefit for people who like to fly with Southwest.


What’s the Price for Boarding First with Southwest?

Southwest Airlines has no attached amount of money like buying a ticket upgrade. Instead, it is about how early you check in.

There are many options to consider if you want to board first with Southwest Airlines.

One of the many options available is to buy a business select fare, which is more costly than others.

Another option is to go for the Earlybird check-in, Booking the Early-Bird checks you in instantly and also puts you ahead of most passengers for a fee per flight segment.

Talking of the Early-Bird it means checking in early so you get to pay attention when check-in opens.

This is usually done 24 hours before your flight the check-in price varies on the light route and how far you are in advance of your purchase.

Furthermore, even if you pay for the early bird check-in, You might not still be the first passenger to get on the plane.

Southwest Airlines only guarantees the first 15 boarding positions to those who buy the business select tickets.

Depending on factors like your flight route and how far in advance you purchase it, it’s usually around $15 to $25 per person each way.

So, if you are one of the first to board you must choose one of these options to secure your spot near the front of the line.

Exploring Southwest’s Boarding Upgrades

When considering an upgrade, it is very necessary to note that Southwest Airlines doesn’t give a genuine first-class or business ticket like other airlines.

With an upgrade, you are likely to get more cheerful, but I don’t guarantee a more comfortable seat because all passengers fly in the same type of seat, irrespective of the amount you paid.

Also keep it in mind that seats are not assigned by Southwest Airlines instead boarding positions and a number at check-in are what you are been assigned.

Your position determines how fast you can get on the plane to pick your seat, to get Southwest’s upgraded boarding service you can pay extra for it.

But generally, it costs $30 to $80 per person, each way. These prices vary, so it’s advised to check directly with Southwest Airlines to know their current price.

An upgraded boarding position can be purchased at the exit gate or through the official website of Southwest Airlines

How Does the Southwest Boarding Process Works?

1. When you check in with Southwest, you will be given a boarding group (A, B, or C) and a position (1-60+).

2. Your boarding pass shows your boarding group and position (for example A35).

3. When you get to the gate, you will see the numbered posts which will help you know where to stand in line.

4. Wait for the time they will call your group and line up according to your number.

5. The lower numbers will board first before others to keep things organized.

This system ensures a smooth start to your flight. You’ll find your seat quickly and easily. No need to rush or worry about finding a spot.

Southwest’s process makes flying stress-free. Enjoy a calm and orderly boarding experience.

Southwest has a system called Open Seating, which means you don’t have to pay more to board.

However, if you want a better boarding position, you can pay for Early Bird Check-In. But you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to.

Remember to check in 24 hours before your flight which will help you to get a good spot.

Also, arrive at the airport early, know your boarding group and number, and be polite to others. That way, you can have a smooth and enjoyable flight with Southwest.

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