Does American Airlines Have Cameras?

Does American Airlines have cameras? You will find out here how American Airlines ensures flight safety and passenger privacy with surveillance cameras. Also, learn about their aviation security measures.

Does American Airlines Have Cameras?

You must have wondered if American Airlines has cameras watching you during your flight.

Another must have asked a friend or even the passenger sitting next to him or her, Does American Airlines Have Cameras?

Some may have also wondered if the camera watches them when they go to the plane’s restroom. It seems funny but you must have wondered it too.

Continue reading to find out the answers to your questions and also know the places the cameras are if there are any.

Does American Airlines Have Cameras?

Yes, American Airlines has cameras. This is a security measure American Airlines takes to protect the safety of their staff/workers and passengers.

Despite placing a high priority on safety, the use of cameras is restricted to particular regions of the aircraft for operational and safety reasons.

American Airlines even confirmed to CNET that they have surveillance in some of its in-flight entertainment screens/systems.

Their spokesman said that cameras are a regular feature on many in-flight entertainment systems used by different airlines.

Now we know that American Airlines has cameras, let’s find out the places that have cameras in American Airlines.

Where are the Cameras on an Airplane?

Surveillance on American Airlines flights is found in the following places:

1. Cockpit

This is the front part of an aeroplane where the pilots sit and control the aircraft.

The camera placed in the cockpit is to help the pilots know what is going on outside the cockpit. It also helps the pilots during takeoff and landing.

2. Cabin

This is where the passengers sit during a flight. The camera is placed there for safety and security reasons.


3. Cargo Hold

This is where luggage and cargo are stored during a flight. The camera is used to monitor the condition of cargo and ensure safety protocols are followed.

How Long Do Airports Keep CCTV?

Airports are required to save their security surveillance videos for at least 30 days. This is according to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agreement with the airport.

These CCTV have videos only and no sound. This helps airports keep a record of what happens in and around the airport for security purposes.

So, if something unusual or concerning occurs, they can check the footage from the past month to understand what happened.

Different airports might have their own rules, but this 30-day minimum is a common practice to ensure safety and surveillance.

American Airlines takes passenger privacy seriously. Just know that these surveillance are used for operational purposes and not for monitoring, spying or tracking the passengers.

Passenger privacy is protected, and footage is not stored for a long time.

Next time you board an American Airlines flight, rest assured that the cameras on board are there for your safety.

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