Does Southwest Airlines Have an In-Flight App?

Does Southwest have an in flight app? The In flight app is one of the things that can entertain you during your journey. Well, you’re in for a treat as we will reveal the high flying mysteries of Southwest’s digital world

Does Southwest have an In-Flight App?

Anyone can find themselves captivated by the magic of flying. The view alone is so beautiful or is it the eerie excitement of crossing a large number of water?

Or even that stimulating feeling as you get closer to your destination. All are so beautiful and nice feelings.

However, long international journeys, in particular, can become a little boring. There is nothing much to do besides sit around, sleep, and watch uninteresting movies.

That is where the In-flight app comes in. They are to help make you interesting and entertaining.

Let’s find out if Southwest has this in-flight app

Does Southwest Airlines Have an In-Flight App?

Southwest Airlines has an in-flight app. It provides a convenient mobile live chat feature on all its WiFi-enabled aircraft.

This makes it easy for passengers to stay connected and communicate during their flight. The good news is that you don’t need to buy In-flight Internet to access this in-flight app.

Just open the Southwest mobile app and connect your mobile device to the Southwest WiFi network to get started.

This feature will allow you to send messages to your fellow travellers. You can also keep in touch with friends and family while in the air.

Southwest may not have an in-flight app for entertainment but this mobile live chat option improves the passenger experience.

It makes your journey even more enjoyable and connected as well.

What are the Features of Southwest’s In-Flight App?

The features are as follows:

1. Reserve, Check-In, and Flight Changes

The app will make you forget that there is something like standing in line at the airport.

You will be able to reserve your flight, check in, or change your travel plans when you open Southwest’s in-flight app.

2. Flight Information

It will also keep you updated on the latest information about your flight status. You will also see your boarding position, gate information, and travel alerts, through the app.

3. Mobile Boarding Pass

Say goodbye to printing your boarding pass. All you need to do is to just save it to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay. It will make it to be easily accessible.


4. Rapid Rewards

You will also manage your Rapid Rewards account. You can also check your status and point balance. This will help you to stay informed about your flights.

5. Customized Notifications

There is an option for you to set up notifications. It will always notify you when you receive updates on schedules, offers, Rapid Rewards news, and more, directly to your phone.

6. Lyft Ride

Southwest has a partnership with Lyft. All you need to do is to just book a ride through the app. You have to do this 4 hours before your flight.

How Do I Access Inflight Entertainment and Internet Options?

Follow the steps below to access the Inflight entertainment once you are on board at Southwest:

1. You have to first put your device in Airplane Mode and then turn on your WiFi.

2. Connect to the “SouthwestWiFi” network.

3. Follow the on-screen prompts in the pop-up or open your browser and go to the Southwest WI-FI website.

How Do I Access Free Internet Benefits?

A-List Preferred Members and Business Select Customers have access to Free Internet.

Choose “A-List Preferred & Business Select” from the menu on the Portal to verify your device using either your Rapid Rewards information or flight confirmation number.

A-List Preferred Members and Business Select Customers can allow up to three devices per flight to use free WiFi on the day of travel.

On the day of travel, A-List Preferred Members who pay a Business Select Fare can allow up to six devices for each plane. You can use the Wi-Fi once you are on board.

Once the plane’s doors are closed pls sure the device you’re using is in “aeroplane mode” and that WiFi is turned on. Taxi, takeoff, and landing are all possible with connectivity.

For some international flights to/from specific destinations, internet connectivity may not be available throughout the entire flight.

The Southwest Airlines mobile app is an important travel companion you can think of having while travelling.

From flight booking to in-flight entertainment and live assistance, this app has it all. Just download it before your next flight and simplify your travel experience with Southwest Airlines.

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