Does Southwest Have Blankets in 2023?

Does Southwest have blankets in 2023? Learn whether Southwest provides blankets, what passengers can expect, and tips for a comfortable flight.

Does Southwest Have Blankets in 2023?

Most Airlines have different benefits and amenities they offer their passengers which can be associated with what hotels offer their customers.

Airlines offer these amenities to make your travel experience better especially those that find travelling by flight boring.

Southwest Airlines, for example, provides various free extras to passengers. But, the burning question is: Does Southwest have blankets during flights? Let’s find out!

Does Southwest Have Blankets in 2023?

Yes, as of 2023, Southwest Airlines continues to distinguish itself as one of the few carriers that generously offers complimentary pillows and blankets to its passengers.

Some airlines have cut back on in-flight extras, but Southwest still cares about making passengers happy and comfortable.

So, if you’re wondering if Southwest offers blankets in 2023, the answer is a resounding yes.

The next time you want to travel with Southwest, just know that you will not feel cold but will enjoy warmth and be comfortable throughout your flight.

What Passengers Can Expect on Southwest Airlines

What you should expect when it comes to blankets is as follows:

1. Clean and Hygienic Blankets: Southwest Airlines gives clean blankets and they are well maintained. This means that Southwest really takes hygiene very seriously.

2. In-Flight Comfort: Once on board, passengers can ask the cabin service for blankets.

The cabin crew is there to assist you in making you feel comfortable during your flight with Southwest Airlines.

3. Variety of Blankets: Southwest offers different types of blankets in order to meet the needs of every passenger and their preferences.

There are soft, lightweight blankets that you can choose from.

How Can I Make My Flight More Comfortable?

Follow the tips below to make your flight more comfortable;

1. For comfort in flight, Dress in layers for temperature fluctuations during the flight and make any adjustments that are needed before you board your Southwest Airlines.

2. When boarding, ask the cabin crew for a blanket earlier on before you board for better comfort.

3. Bring your own comforts along, such as a favourite neck pillow or blanket, and noise-cancelling items, to make your flight more comfortable.

4. Check Southwest’s official website frequently for updates on any changes to their 2023 blanket policy or get in touch with their customer service department.

5. Also, make sure you choose the right seat for more legroom or a comfortable resting spot.

6. Take breaks, stay hydrated, and avoid crossing your legs for better circulation.

7. Combat dry air with lip balm, moisturizers, and eye drops.

8. Also, make sure you maintain hygiene with essential toiletries to freshen up.

9. Stay entertained with pre-downloaded content and in-flight options.

10. Also, you can make the most of your travel time with reading or podcasts.

You can increase their level of in-flight comfort by following the above tips. You can now be confident of getting a blanket the next time you will be flying with Southwest Airlines.

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