How do I Scan My Passport on American Airlines App?

How do I Scan My Passport on American Airlines App? Learn about the simple steps by which you can scan your passport at your own convenience using the AA app.

How do I Scan My Passport on American Airlines App?

Gone are the days of carrying physical documents everywhere you go, thanks to technological advancements.

American Airlines understands the need for convenience and has incorporated passport-scanning capabilities into its mobile app.

We’ll give you a thorough, sequential tutorial on how to use the American Airlines app to digitize your passport.

How do I Scan My Passport on American Airlines App?

Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying physical copies and embrace the simplicity of digital passport scanning.

1. Download and Install the American Airlines App

Make sure the American Airlines app is installed on your mobile device in its most recent iteration before you do anything else.

Additionally, it is simple to find the software on Google Play Store for Android devices and Software for iOS on the App Store.

Obtain and set up the app, if you haven’t previously.

2. Log in to Your Account

Install the American Airlines app, then sign in with your credentials.

Set up your account with ease, yes you can do it. Start by getting the app if you haven’t had one yet.

Now you are ready to go, next thing to do is to log into your app and access all the features and functionalities available, including passport scanning.

3. Navigate to the Passport Scan Feature

Once you’re logged in, navigate to the appropriate section within the app to access the passport scanning feature.

According to the software version you are using, this might differ slightly, but usually, you can find it under the “Profile” or “Travel Documents” region.

4. Provide Necessary Information

Before initiating the passport scan, the app may require some essential information for verification purposes.

Normally, this data comprises your name, birthdate, and passport number.

Ensure that the details you provide are accurate and match the information on your physical passport.

5. Align Your Passport for Scanning

Follow the on-screen instructions to align your passport within the designated scanning area.

It’s crucial to ensure that the passport’s information page is clearly visible and fits entirely within the scanning frame.

Hold your device steady and maintain proper lighting conditions to achieve the best scan results.

6. Capture the Passport Image

Once your passport is properly aligned, tap the appropriate button on the app to capture the passport image.

The app will use the camera on your device to capture a high-quality scan of the passport’s information page.

Verify that the image has clarity, is brightly illuminated and that you are able to comprehend every nuance.

7. Review and Confirm

After capturing the passport image, the app will display the scanned information for your review.

Take a moment to carefully verify that all the details are accurate and match your physical passport.

If everything looks correct, proceed to confirm the scan.

8. Save and Access Your Digital Passport

Once you confirm the passport scan, the app will save the digital copy securely within your account.

You can access it whenever needed by navigating to the appropriate section within the app.

It’s essential to note that the digital passport within the American Airlines app serves as a convenient backup and may not be accepted as the primary travel document in all situations.

Always carry your physical passport when travelling internationally.

The American Airlines app offers a convenient and user-friendly solution for scanning your passport.

You can swiftly scan your passport and have it set on your mobile device by adhering to the comprehensive directions above.

Remember to verify the accuracy of the scanned information and always carry your physical passport when travelling internationally.

Embrace the simplicity of digital documentation and enjoy a smoother travel experience with American Airlines.

Bon voyage!

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