How much does 25000 Southwest points get you?

What is the Worth of 25000 Southwest Points?

How much does 25000 Southwest points get you? During the holidays, Southwest Airlines had a huge problem that caused a lot of chaos.

How much does 25000 Southwest points get you?

They’re going to pay back customers for any money they had to spend because of it. As a way of saying sorry, Southwest is giving out 25,000 extra points to people who were affected.

Let’s take a look at what you can do with those 25,000 points from Southwest.

How Much Does 25000 Southwest Points Get You?

If you have 25,000 Southwest points, they’re worth $348 when you use them for flights. But you can also use these points for other things like gift cards, hotel stays, or buying items.

Southwest is giving out these points as a way to say sorry for the mess during the holidays.

So, on top of getting reimbursed for any extra costs you had, some people might even get a full refund for their flight and 25,000 points.

It’s not a great situation to go through, but it’s a pretty nice gesture from Southwest. The good thing about these is that your Rapid Rewards points do not expire.

To get a free flight with Southwest Airlines, you’ll need anywhere from 6,000 to 30,000 points.

The exact amount depends on how far you’re flying, which airports you’re travelling to and from, and the dates of your trip. So, the number of points required varies based on these factors.

The value of Southwest points changes depending on how you use them.

Normally, you get better value if you use your points for shorter flights or cheaper fares rather than longer or more expensive ones.

So, it’s usually smarter to redeem your points for these kinds of flights.

Ways to Earn Southwest Rapid Rewards Points

Many travellers love Southwest Airlines because of its cheap fares, no fees for changing or cancelling flights, and the advantage of two free checked bags.

But what’s even better is using points to get flights almost for free. To do that, you need to earn those points first; some of the ways are;

1. Fly with Southwest

The simplest way to earn Southwest points is by actually flying with them. You earn points based on how much you spend on your ticket, not including taxes.

Spending more and choosing higher-class seats gets you more points.

2. Get Southwest Elite Status

Having elite status with Southwest offers more than just early boarding. It also boosts your points earning rate.

A-List members get a 25% bonus, and A-List Preferred members get double points.

3. Use Southwest Credit Cards

Using Southwest credit cards is a quick way to accumulate lots of Rapid Rewards points. When you sign up for a card, you often get a big welcome bonus.

These bonuses can be generous, but they usually only last for a limited time.

4. Refer Friends to Southwest Credit Cards

If you already have a Southwest card, you can earn even more points by referring friends. Chase’s referral program can get you up to 100,000 points per year.

When your friend signs up for a Southwest card through your referral and gets approved, you get a chunk of points too.

5. Transfer Points from Chase Ultimate Rewards

Another way to boost your Rapid Rewards points is by transferring them from Chase Ultimate Rewards. This is a simple process where 1 Chase point equals 1 Southwest point.

You just need a Chase credit card that earns Ultimate Rewards points and allows transfers to travel partners.

How Flexible are Southwest Points?

How much does 25000 Southwest points get you?

Rapid Rewards points aren’t very versatile.

While you can use them for things like merchandise and gift cards through the “More Rewards” portal, these options usually aren’t as valuable as using them for Southwest flights.

NerdWallet did a thorough study of the Southwest More Rewards program and discovered that, based on the value of airline miles, items are typically marked up by over 100%.

So, generally speaking, it’s best to stick to using your Rapid Rewards points for booking flights and not much else.

How Do Southwest Points Compare to Other Airline Loyalty Miles?

According to our research, Southwest Rapid Rewards points rank among the most valuable airline rewards out there.

Check out the table below to see how they compare with other programs.

ProgramMile Value
Alaska1.4 cents
American1.7 cents
Delta1.2 cents
Frontier1.1 cents
Hawaiian1.2 cents
JetBlue1.5 cents
Southwest1.5 cents
United1.2 cents

Even though Southwest Rapid Rewards points are quite valuable, if you’re aiming for extravagant and luxurious flights like international first-class suites, it’s better to explore other rewards programs that allow you to use points with partner airlines.

While Southwest points provide reliable value, they lack the excitement and glamour of more adventurous redemptions.

How Did We Determine the Value of Southwest Rapid Rewards Points?

We looked at hundreds of examples where we compared the cost of buying a ticket with cash versus using points for the same routes and dates.

Instead of focusing on hypothetical situations where people try to maximize the value of their points, we looked at real-world scenarios.

This gives us a practical idea of how much these points are worth on average. However, this approach doesn’t consider the valuable redemptions that some people aim for.

In light of Southwest’s recent operational problems, the airline is trying to improve its reputation by offering 25,000 bonus Rapid Rewards points to those who experienced significant flight delays or cancellations.

This offer is worth about $347.5 in Southwest airfare and is on top of any other reimbursements passengers receive.

This is a good proactive gesture, especially considering how many people will benefit from it.

However, it makes me wonder when Southwest might decide to change the value of Rapid Rewards points.

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