How Old are Southwest Airlines Planes?

How Old are Southwest Airlines Planes? There are different reasons why people ask for the age of a plane they want to use for their journey.

How Old are Southwest Airlines Planes?

Most times new planes are considered to be safer than old planes while some people consider the older planes to be more safer.

The type of plane that any aviation industry uses also speaks more about them. Read on to find out how old Southwest Airlines plane is and the brand of plane they are using.

How Old are Southwest Airlines Planes?

A testament to the airline’s dedication to keeping a relatively new and contemporary fleet, Southwest Airlines boasts a fleet average age of about twelve years.

By ensuring that passengers benefit from modern technology and improved safety measures, this commitment is in line with Southwest’s strategic fleet renewal approach.

Because of its long-standing relationship with Boeing, Southwest Airlines is particularly notable for having been the airline that launched the Boeing 737-700 in 1997.

Flying into the future, Southwest intends to maintain a fleet that strikes a balance between longevity and technological advancements.

That is with 812 aircraft now in service and 54 more on order or scheduled.

What Type of Plane Does Southwest Use?

Southwest Airlines predominantly operates Boeing 737 aircraft, maintaining a fleet with a consistent single-aisle, single-cabin design.

The airline’s commitment to the Boeing 737 is evident across various models, each tailored to specific passenger capacities.

The seating configurations typically feature three seats on either side of the aisle. This standardized design ensures a streamlined and efficient boarding process for passengers.

With a focus on simplicity and reliability, Southwest’s reliance on the Boeing 737 underscores the airline’s dedication to maintaining a cohesive and easily manageable fleet.

That contributes to a consistent and comfortable travel experience for its passengers.


How Many Planes Does Southwest Airlines Own?

Southwest Airlines will be able to boast that it has 878 aircraft in service as of October 2023.

A noteworthy example of the airline’s long-standing and exclusive reliance on this particular aircraft type is the celebration of the delivery of its 1000th Boeing 737.

That was recently delivered. Southwest has relied on the Boeing 737 for all of its operations. Only the brief periods of 1979–1980 and 1983–1985 are excluded from this.

Then it leased and flew Boeing 727-200s for a short while.

Southwest’s steadfast adherence to a dependable and uniform aircraft model is demonstrated by the size of its fleet and the historic Boeing 737 service.

What is Southwest’s Most Popular Plane?

Southwest Airlines has consistently favored the Boeing 737 as its most popular and predominant aircraft since its inception.

With almost exclusive reliance on the Boeing 737, Southwest holds the title of the world’s largest operator of this aircraft model.

Notably, the airline played a pivotal role in the 737 series, serving as the launch customer for the 737-300, 737-500, and 737-700 variants.

This enduring partnership underscores Southwest’s commitment to a standardized and reliable fleet.

So, the next time you board a Southwest flight, you can do so with confidence. Know that the age of the plane is just one of many factors contributing to a smooth and enjoyable journey.

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