Is Southwest Airlines a Cheap Airline?

Is Southwest Airlines a cheap Airline? Southwest Airlines is one of the most popular airlines most travelers use. Let’s see if the airline is cheap and affordable for the average citizen.

Is Southwest Airlines a Cheap Airline?

In a world where everything is increasing in price, people tend to manage the ones they have. That is also applicable to when one wants to travel especially by air.

An average citizen would want to know the airline that he or she can afford before they can book a flight. Is Southwest a cheap Airline? Let’s find out below.

Is Southwest Airlines a Cheap Airline?

Yes, Southwest Airlines is a cheap Airline. Southwest Airlines falls into the category of a Low-Cost Airline, and while it does provide a budget-friendly basic fare, it distinguishes itself from competitors with a unique approach.

Unlike other carriers that offer minimal amenities with their low-cost seats, Southwest goes the extra mile by bundling in enticing perks.

Passengers not only secure an affordable basic fare but also enjoy additional benefits, setting Southwest apart in the realm of cheap airlines.

This distinctive combination of cost-effectiveness and added value makes Southwest an attractive choice for travellers seeking a balance between savings and a more comfortable flying experience.

What are Southwest’s Four Fares?

Southwest Airlines provides travellers with four distinct fare options tailored to diverse needs. They are Business Select, Anytime, Wanna Get Away and Wana Get Away Plus.

Business Select

1. Refundable: Enjoy peace of mind with a refundable fare, allowing you flexibility in your travel plans.

2. Priority Boarding (A1-A15): Skip the lines and board early to secure your preferred seat.

3. Premium Drink (on flights 176 miles or more): Indulge in a complimentary premium drink during your flight.

4. Free Inflight Internet: Stay connected at no extra cost with the newly introduced free Inflight Internet.

5. Earn 12X Rapid Rewards Points: Maximize your rewards with an impressive 12X points on qualifying flights.



1. Refundable: Similar to Business Select, Anytime fares are refundable, providing flexibility for changes.

2. EarlyBird Check-In: Automatically secure your boarding position 36 hours before departure, ensuring a favourable spot.

3. Priority and Express Lane Access: Enjoy the convenience of Priority and Express Lanes where available.

4. Earn 10X Rapid Rewards Points: Rack up points at a generous rate with 10X rewards on qualifying flights.

Wanna Get Away Plus

1. Non-refundable: Although non-refundable, enjoy the flexibility of a Transferable Flight Credit if you need to cancel.

2. Free Same-Day Confirmed Change: Make last-minute changes without fees (taxes and fees may apply).

3. Earn 8X Rapid Rewards Points: Earn 8X points on qualifying flights, balancing affordability with rewards.

4. All Benefits of Wanna Get Away: Enjoy the perks of Wanna Get Away fares, including no change or cancellation fees.

Wanna Get Away

1. Non-refundable: Benefit from flight credits if you need to cancel, maintaining travel flexibility.

2. Two Bags Fly Free: Your first and second checked bags are included without additional charges.

3. No Change or Cancel Fees: Travel with peace of mind, knowing you won’t incur fees for changes.

4. Free Same-Day Standby: Experience flexibility with free same-day standby (taxes and fees may apply).

5. Earn 6X Rapid Rewards Points: Continue accumulating points with a solid 6X rewards rate on qualifying flights.

Each tier builds upon a solid base fare, allowing you to customize your travel experience based on your priorities: flexibility, rewards, or added amenities.

Southwest not only offers a cheap basic fare but goes above and beyond by incorporating these benefits, making it a standout choice for those seeking affordability without sacrificing quality.

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