Is Southwest Airlines Better than Spirit Airlines?

Is Southwest better than Spirit Airlines? You are about to find out the secrets between the two giants. You might be shocked by what you are about to discover. Many factors will determine which is better or not. Let us compare and see which is better.

Is Southwest Better Than Spirit?

Southwest and Spirit, two affordable airlines, are like contenders in a money-saving competition for people who want to travel on a budget.

If you don’t have tons of money to spend and you’re looking for a good deal on airfare, it’s smart to check out these airlines. Why?

Because flights can eat up a big part of your travel budget and finding ways to save money on them is a top priority when you’re planning a budget-friendly trip.

Low-cost airlines like Southwest and Spirit Airlines won’t give you all the fancy extras, but they’ll get you where you want to go – from one place to another.

So, let’s compare these two airlines in simple terms.

Is Southwest Airlines Better than Spirit?

There are many factors to consider before concluding on the one that is better or not. The factors are as follows:

1. Pricing & Extra Charges

The cost of the airline is one of the first things one can consider before choosing any airline.

We all know that traveling by air costs so much and that is why it is important to compare the costs of tickets and any extra charges each airline offers.

i). Tickets

Spirit Airlines uses a separate strategy, charging additional fees for extras like carry-on luggage and preferred seating in addition to the base ticket cost.

Even though the base cost may look tempting the overall cost will eventually increase when they add the extra charges.

Southwest Airlines categorises its pricing into Business Select, Anytime, and Wanna Get Away classes. Each class includes varying perks, such as free checked bags and no change fees.

ii). Baggage

Spirit Airlines charges for both carry-on and checked bags, with fees that can escalate with the number of bags and their weight.

Southwest Airlines typically allows two free checked bags, making it more budget-friendly for travellers with luggage.

iii). Extra Fees

Spirit Airlines offers a Premium option for added legroom and comfort. You will have to pay an extra charge for it.

Southwest’s upgraded boarding option allows passengers to board early. But it also comes with an extra fee.

2. Seats & Flight Experience

Comfort is also an important consideration when choosing an airline. Your in-flight experience, including seating, cleanliness, friendliness, and amenities, can greatly impact your journey.

i). Economy Seating

Spirit’s economy seats are known for being slim and less padded. This may potentially make longer flights less comfortable.

Southwest offers more generous economy seating with added cushioning and headrests. This thereby provides a better overall comfort level.

ii). Premium Seating

Spirit’s “Big Comfy Seats” offer a modest upgrade from standard Economy but at an extra cost.

Southwest’s premium seating options, such as Business Select, provide benefits like priority boarding and a complimentary alcoholic beverage.

iii). Staff

Spirit Airlines has received mixed reviews regarding customer service. Also, some travellers have reported that their staff lacks attentiveness.

Southwest Airlines consistently ranks high in customer satisfaction, with friendly and accommodating staff.

iv). In-Flight Amenities

Spirit charges for snacks, drinks, and in-flight entertainment, potentially increasing the overall cost.

Southwest Airlines offers complimentary snacks, drinks, and entertainment, creating a more enjoyable journey.


3. Flight Availability

Access to flights is vital, whether you’re planning a last-minute getaway or a well-structured trip. The availability of flights and the ease of rescheduling can impact your travel experience.

i). Domestic Flights

Spirit focuses on the Eastern United States, offering a point-to-point network. They do not have the flexibility of hub connections or partnerships with other airlines.

Southwest has a broader domestic network with a central hub in Dallas, making it easier to find flights and rebooking options.

ii). International Flights

Spirit primarily serves Central and South America, as well as some Caribbean destinations.

Southwest flies to destinations in Central America, the Caribbean, and beyond.

4. Pet Policies

Understanding an airline’s pet policies is crucial for a stress-free journey if you’re traveling with pets.

i). In Cabin

Spirit allows small pets in the cabin for an additional fee.

Southwest permits dogs and cats in the cabin with advance reservations.

ii). In Baggage

Both Spirit and Southwest Airlines do not allow pets to travel in the cargo hold.

5. Safety

Safety is paramount when selecting an airline. Both Spirit and Southwest Airlines have maintained good safety records, but it’s essential to consider aircraft safety, incident history, and baggage safety.

i). Aircraft Safety

Spirit Airlines predominantly operates Airbus aircraft, known for their safety.

Southwest’s fleet consists mainly of Boeing 737s, also recognized for their safety.

ii). Incidents

Neither Spirit nor Southwest Airlines has had fatal crashes. However, Southwest experienced engine failure incidents, resulting in one passenger’s death.

iii). Baggage Safety

Both airlines adhere to TSA guidelines for baggage security, with strict regulations on prohibited items.

Southwest Airlines offers compensation for lost or damaged luggage, with a limit of up to $3500.

As of the busy summer month of June, a roundtrip flight from Miami to New York City for Spirit costs approximately $496.78 for one person, while Southwest is $210.96.

This calculation includes carry-on bags and at least one checked bag.

Spirit Airlines may appear cheaper at first but Southwest offers a more comfortable and enjoyable in-flight experience. It includes two free checked bags and complimentary snacks and drinks.

For travellers seeking overall value, particularly during peak seasons, Southwest Airlines emerges as the preferred choice.

Spirit Airlines remains a viable option for shorter, spontaneous trips, where the added fees may not outweigh the initial savings.

In the end, if you’re seeking a stress-free journey that doesn’t cost much, Southwest is the clear winner.

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