Can I Use a Mobile Boarding Pass on Southwest Airlines?

Can I use a Mobile Boarding Pass on Southwest Airlines? The mobile boarding pass is an electronic document that you will need to pass through the security checkpoint.

Can I Use a Mobile Boarding Pass on Southwest Airlines?

Most Airlines accept this mobile boarding pass while some other airlines prefer the traditional boarding which is the printed one in paper form.

Which one does Southwest Airlines accept? The electronic document, traditional paper boarding pass, or both?

Can I Use a Mobile Boarding Pass on Southwest Airlines?

Yes, definitely. With Southwest Airlines, making use of a mobile boarding pass is something easy to achieve. It’s important to know that International flights do not support mobile boarding passes at the moment.

Just present your mobile boarding pass on your smartphone, iPad, or Apple Watch, along with a valid form of identification, to the TSA Agent at security for a seamless process.

To board your flight effortlessly, scan your own by holding one of these devices with your pass facing the scanner.

This modern approach to air travel not only enhances convenience but also contributes to a more eco-friendly and paperless experience.

Embrace the simplicity of technology, and enjoy the efficiency of using a one on Southwest Airlines.

How to Use a Mobile Boarding Pass on Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines makes it easy to use a mobile boarding pass. Just follow the steps below:

1. Check-In Online

You will have to start your online check-in process by using the Southwest Airlines website or mobile app. Then enter the details needed to check in.

2. Mobile Boarding Pass Download

The next thing is to download your mobile boarding pass after checking in. You will get it either in your app or your email.

3. Screenshots and Offline Access

Then take a screenshot of your mobile boarding pass. This will enable you to view your mobile pass even when you are offline.

4. Security and ID Verification

When you get to the airport, just go to the security checkpoint straight. Make sure that yours is easily accessible. Also, have your ID ready for verification.

5. Boarding Process

You can now go to the gate confidently with your boarding pass. Southwest Airlines staff will then scan yours during the boarding process.

Is it Enough to Show the Boarding Pass on Mobile?

Yes! When using a mobile boarding pass with Southwest Airlines, you only need to show the barcode on your mobile device.

The mobile boarding pass’s barcode correlates with that of the paper form, guaranteeing compatibility at every checkpoint.


The ease of use of it encourages a smooth experience at security and during the boarding procedure.

Just show the barcode using your smartphone. It will be generally accepted. It looks like a traditional paper boarding pass.

Tips for a Smooth Mobile Boarding Pass Experience

Follow these tips below to have a smooth experience:

1. Fully Charge Your Device

Make sure you have enough battery life left in your smartphone for the boarding, security, and check-in processes.

2. Enable Notifications

Allow the notification for the SA app. That will allow you to get a notification of any update on your flight status.

3. Double-Check Information

Before leaving for the airport, double-check it for accuracy in flight details and personal information.

You can agree that using a mobile boarding pass is very easy and simple.

So next time you ask, Can I use a mobile boarding pass on Southwest Airlines? remember, not only can you, but you’ll likely wonder why you ever did it any other way.

Safe travels!

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