Should I Work for Southwest or United?

Should I Work for Southwest or United? Explore the career prospects at Southwest and United Airlines to decide which airline aligns better with your goals and values.

Should I Work for Southwest or United?

Selecting a career can be a big decision, especially when it involves big airlines like United and Southwest.

There are many factors that most people consider before choosing where to work. Which one do you check out before choosing to work in an organization?

The features of each Southwest are outlined below and it will help you know which airline outperforms the other.

Should I Work for Southwest or United?

If you’re contemplating between Southwest and United Airlines, Southwest shines in multiple aspects.

It outperforms United in key areas such as Overall Rating, Culture and values, Diversity and inclusion, Work-life balance, Senior Management, Compensation, and benefits.

Career Opportunities, CEO Approval, Recommendations to a friend, and a Positive Business Outlook are also included in the key areas Southwest Airlines outperforms United.

Southwest’s strong emphasis on employee satisfaction, inclusive culture, and robust career development opportunities make it an appealing choice.

The positive reviews across these dimensions suggest that Southwest Airlines provides a workplace that fosters growth, values diversity, and maintains a positive outlook.

Consider these factors when deciding where to build your career, as Southwest’s consistently higher scores reflect a favorable environment for prospective employees.


Workplace Differences Between Southwest and United Airlines

1. Southwest cultivates a laid-back, inclusive environment, prioritizing employee satisfaction. United embodies professionalism, contributing to a more formal corporate culture.

2. Southwest offers extensive domestic routes, perfect for those inclined towards regional exploration.

United Airlines stands out with double the destinations, catering to a globally-focused career.

3. Known for generosity with perks and minimal fees, Southwest ensures a traveler-friendly experience for its employees.

While competitive, United may have more fees, especially for baggage, impacting the overall employee experience.

4. Southwest Airlines invests in comprehensive training, ensuring a well-prepared and skilled workforce.

As a larger airline, United may provide more specialized training opportunities, meeting diverse career paths.

5. Praised for excellent customer service and minimal extra fees, Southwest provides a comfortable and transparent in-flight experience.

United offers a typical flying experience with various ticket options, premium cabins, and diverse in-flight amenities.

6. Southwest enjoys higher scores in employee satisfaction, particularly in work-life balance, culture, and overall positive outlook.

While maintaining positive reviews, United’s ratings might be influenced by its larger scale and more formal corporate environment.

The decision to work for Southwest or United Airlines boils down to your priorities and career goals.

Assessing factors such as company culture, growth opportunities, work-life balance, compensation, and employee satisfaction can guide you.

But we feel like Southwest Airlines outweighs United Airlines.

Good luck in your journey to finding the airline that best suits your professional aspirations!

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