What Age is Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant?

What age is Southwest Airlines flight attendant? Certain age requirements are required that a flight attendant must have before he or she applies for the job position at Southwest Airlines.

What Age is Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant?

Southwest Airlines takes great pride in its dynamic and diverse cabin crew.

Sometimes an air steward, air stewardess, or air cabin crew member is used similarly with the term “flight attendant.”

Taking care of airline passengers’ health, safety, and well-being while they are on the flight is part of this customer-facing position.

Making sure that passengers are comfortable and have a safe, enjoyable flight is the primary goal of a flight attendant.

In handling issues, passenger requests, and emergencies, they play an important part as well.

So, are you planning to apply for the role of a flight attendant at Southwest? You need to know the age requirements that are needed for this role.

What Age is Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant?

The age that a flight attendant at Southwest Airlines should be at least 20 years. This means you should be up to 20 years old before you think of applying for the job position.

These age requirements are to make sure that the candidates are mature and also have life experiences. Prospective flight attendants are required to meet not only the age requirement.

They should also meet the Immigration Reform Act of 1986’s authorization to work in the United States.

A current passport will also be considered by the candidate. It should not be an expired passport.

Southwest Airlines aims to give its passengers a safe and comfortable flying experience and that is why they take this age qualification seriously.

They believe that anyone of that age should be able to follow the company’s regulatory standards.

Can I Become a Flight Attendant at 37?

Yes, you can become a flight attendant at 37! You can pursue your dream of becoming a flight attendant at any age.

You fit right into the age group of people who choose to go after this interesting career at 37.

Also, you must meet the physical requirements of the job and make sure you can perform the duties without difficulty.

Like many other airlines, Southwest Airlines recognizes that experience and maturity bring special qualities to the cabin crew and welcomes candidates of all ages.

Age is just a number, so if you’re up for an exciting journey in the air, go ahead and follow your dream of becoming a flight attendant!


What Qualifications do I Need to be a Flight Attendant?

Becoming a flight attendant requires meeting specific qualifications that may vary slightly among airlines. Typically, candidates need to:

1. Aspiring flight attendants must be at least 18 years old, with some airlines requiring a minimum age of 21.

2. Candidates need to pass a thorough medical examination and maintain a good level of fitness, including the ability to swim 25 meters unassisted.

3. Successful completion of enhanced background checks, including criminal record screenings, is a standard requirement.

4. Proficiency in spoken and written English is essential for effective communication with passengers and crew.

5. Living within a specified distance or travel time from the assigned base, usually around 90 minutes, is often a prerequisite.

6. Flight attendants must maintain a smart and well-groomed appearance, avoiding visible tattoos or uncovered body piercings.

7. Meeting height requirements, typically between 5ft 2in (157cm) and 6ft 2in (188cm), with weight proportionate to height, is necessary.

8. Good eyesight (correctable with glasses/contact lenses) and hearing are crucial for the safety and communication aspects of the role.

9. Flight attendants need to hold a valid passport with no restrictions to comply with international travel requirements.

Southwest Airlines’ dedication to providing excellent customer service can be seen in the age diversity of its flight attendants.

All flight attendants, regardless of age and experience level, are essential to making sure that travelers have a pleasurable and comfortable trip.

Thus, keep in mind that people of all ages work hard to make your flight enjoyable when you take a Southwest Airlines flight the next time. They can be found behind the friendly smiles.

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