How do I Check My Southwest Rapid Rewards Points?

How do I Check My Southwest Rapid Rewards Points?

How do I check my Southwest Rapid Rewards Points? Passengers earn rapid reward points when they use Southwest Airlines. You can always check your point and see how much you have accumulated. Learn how you can check yours.

How to Check Southwest Rapid Rewards Points

Rapid reward points in Southwest Airlines are one of the ways Southwest compensates their passengers for their loyalty.

There are many ways you can earn these points. One of them is when you constantly fly with Southwest Airlines.

The points you gather depend on how often you fly with the Airline. Find out how to check how many rapid rewards points you have with Southwest Airlines.

How Do I Check My Southwest Rapid Rewards Points?

To check your Southwest Rapid Rewards points with ease, start by logging in to your Rapid Rewards account on the Southwest official website.

After logging in, direct your attention to the top right of the screen and click on ‘My Account’. In this personalized hub, a wealth of information awaits.

Instantly view your total points balance, providing a snapshot of your accumulated rewards.

Stay in the loop with recent points activity, track your progress towards tier membership, and conveniently access details about upcoming, saved, and past trips.

Southwest Airlines has made the process easy for you.

That ensures that within your My Account section, you not only check your Rapid Rewards points but gain valuable insights into your travel history and status.

How Do I Set Up a Southwest Rapid Rewards Account?

There are multiple options, and it’s straightforward to set up a Southwest Rapid Rewards account. Navigating to is the fastest way.

You can also use the Southwest Mobile App. Simply choose the menu, click “Log in or enroll,” and you can easily manage your account activity and trips.

The online registration process is quick and simple, no matter the method you choose. It ensures that you can quickly access and manage your Rapid Rewards account.

Your travel experience with Southwest Airlines will be even more fulfilling when you opt-in for the Rapid Rewards program.


How Many Points Do You Need for a Flight on Southwest?

Anytime, Wanna Get Away Plus, and Wanna Get Away fares earn 10, 8, and 6 points per dollar, respectively. Business Select fares earn 12 points per dollar.

Notably, members of A-List and A-List Preferred receive 25% and 100% bonuses, respectively. That increases the amount of points they can accrue.

Customers of Southwest Airlines who want to use their points for future travel will find this flexible points system very rewarding.

It allows them to customize their earnings based on the fare type they select. Different points are required for a Southwest flight depending on the fare type.

Can You Redeem Rapid Rewards for Cash?

Many online mile brokers enable frequent flyers of Southwest Airlines to sell their reward points for cash. Among others, MilesBuyer is one such platform.

Travelers have a flexible option as Southwest Rapid Rewards points can be redeemed for cash. Customers of Southwest Airlines have an additional option to maximize the value of their loyalty.

That is by converting their accrued Rapid Rewards points into cash by working with these mile brokers.

This feature gives the Rapid Rewards program an additional degree of flexibility. That is by letting users select how they want to use the points they have accrued.

Can I Transfer My Southwest Points to Someone?

Yes, you can transfer your Southwest flight points to someone else with ease. What you will need to do first is to log into your Southwest account.

After accessing your dashboard, navigate it and locate the option with the label ‘Rapid Reward’ at the top of your device’s screen.

When this is done, the next step is to tap on the Manage button, which will expand to give you the ‘Buy’ and ‘Transfer Points’ options respectively.

At this point, you will need to choose the right transaction option which is the ‘Transfer Points’.

Now, let us move on to explore the similarity between Southwest Account Number and Rapid Rewards Number.

Is the Southwest Account Number the Same as Rapid Rewards?

Yes, the Southwest Account Number and the Rapid Rewards Number are the one. It carries your ID within the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards program.

You can use your Rapid Rewards number to:
(I). Log in to your Southwest account and control your reservations.
(II). Earn and redeem Rapid Rewards points.
(III). Reserve Companion Pass travel.
(IV). Delight in Rapid Rewards member-only perks.

That is to say, whether you need your account number to log in online or your Rapid Rewards number to redeem points, they’re all the same.

Also, remember that:

(I). Ten digits comprise the usual Rapid Rewards number.
(II). You can look up your Rapid Rewards number on your Southwest Airlines boarding pass, confirmation email, or in your Rapid Rewards account online.
(III). You can also retrieve your Rapid Rewards number using the Southwest Airlines website, or you can contact customer service.

Also, it will captivate you to learn that you can share your fast row number with friends and other third parties.

Can Another Person Use My Rapid Rewards Number?

No, another person cannot use your Rapid Rewards number without your permission. Sharing your Rapid Rewards number is like sharing your financial information.

Therefore,  you should treat it with the same level of care. It will benefit you to give enough security attention to it.

Here’s why you shouldn’t share your Rapid Rewards number:

1. Security Issues

Sharing your number can put your account at risk of being vulnerable to hackers or giving access to unauthorized users. 

They could then use your points to book flights or sell them on the black market.

2. Points misuse

If someone else uses your number to book flights, they’ll earn the points for those flights, not you. 

However, this would prevent you from reaching your own rewards goals, thereby delaying your membership benefits.

3. Account suspension

If Southwest discovers that your Reward number is used by someone else, they will suspend your account to protect it.

Southwest Airlines takes the security of its members’ accounts very seriously, and will not allow any bridge in the process.

The truth is that no one will be able to use your Southwest account number without your concern.

But if you receive an alert telling you that someone is using your account, you can always change your login details.

Can I transfer Southwest Points to Chase?

No, you cannot directly transfer Southwest Rapid Rewards points to Chase Ultimate Rewards points. 

However, there are a couple of ways to indirectly “move” your Southwest points towards Chase:

1. Use your Chase Ultimate Rewards card to book Southwest flights

Many Chase Ultimate Rewards cards, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or the Chase Sapphire Reserve, allow you to use your points to book travel through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal. 

You can choose “Southwest Airlines” as your travel partner and redeem your Chase points for Southwest flights at a 1:1 ratio. 

This effectively makes your Chase points act like Southwest points for that specific transaction.

2. Earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points through Southwest spending

Some co-branded Southwest Airlines credit cards issued by Chase, like the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card, allow you to earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points on your Southwest purchases. 

This way, while you wouldn’t be directly transferring points, you would still be accumulating Chase points through your Southwest spending, adding to your overall points balance.

Remember, you cannot transfer points back from Chase to Southwest, so once you use your Chase points to book a Southwest flight, they will deduct points from your Chase account.

Also, Southwest will convert them to the equivalent amount of Rapid Rewards points for the booking.

In case you pick interest in a free flight ticket from Southwest Airlines you will need to check out the requirements in terms of reward points accumulation.


How Many Miles Do You Need to Get a Free Flight?

Despite the fact that the exact number of mile points you will have to collect before getting a free flight ticket from Southwest is unknown.

What you will get out there are general predictions. Here are some of the general estimations of the free flight mileage:

1. Domestic Economy

6,000 to 20,000 miles for one-way, and 12,000 to 40,000 miles for round-trip (depending on distance and airline).

2. International Economy

35,000 to 50,000 miles and above for a one-way flight, 70,000 to 100,000 miles and more for a round trip (depending on region and airline).

3. Business/First Class

Far more than the economy airlines (frequently starting at 25,000 miles one-way for domestic business and 50,000 for international business.)

Tracking your Southwest Rapid Rewards points is straightforward. These steps will keep you aware of your points balance; you will then enable yourself to a world of travel benefits.

Revel in the advantages of handling your rewards with ease as you gain the benefits of being a loyal customer of Southwest Airlines.

Safe travels!

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