United Airlines Checked Baggage Weight

What is the Weight Limit for Checked Bag on United?

United Airlines checked baggage weight varies depending on where you’re flying. Some countries outside the U.S. have their own rules for checked bags.

United Airlines Checked Baggage Weight

If you’re traveling to, from, or through these places, you’ll need to follow specific guidelines to check oversized, overweight, or extra bags.

It’s important to know that these international embargoes can change unexpectedly.

We’ll also cover United Airlines’ baggage policy, share useful tips for handling baggage while traveling, and provide additional details about Economy Plus.

United Airlines Checked Baggage Weight

For domestic flights within the U.S., United Airlines charges extra fees for bags that weigh more than the standard 50 pounds or 23 kilograms.

Here’s how it breaks down:

1. If your bag weighs between 51 and 70 pounds or 24 to 32 kilograms, you’ll pay an extra $100.00 to $200.00 per bag.

2. Bags weighing between 71 and 100 pounds or 33 to 46 kilograms will incur a $400.00 extra charge per bag.

3. Bags that exceed 100 pounds or 46 kilograms won’t be accepted as checked baggage.

4. Fees for flights to or from the U.S. range from $200.00 to $400.00. To find out the exact fee for your route, you can use United Airlines’ “Baggage Calculator” on their website.

The table below consists of the breakdown;

Weight Per Cabin ClassMaximum Weight Per Bag
United First70 lbs / 32KG
United Polaris Business Class70 lbs / 32KG
Premium Economy50 lbs / 23KG
United Economy50 lbs / 23KG

What is the Baggage Policy for United Airlines (UA)?

United Airlines allows each passenger to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item (like a purse, briefcase, or laptop bag) for free.

Here are the size and weight limits:

1. Your carry-on bag can’t be larger than 45 linear inches (22 x 14 x 9 inches) or 115 centimeters (56 x 36 x 23 cm), including handles and wheels.

It should fit either in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.

2. Your item can’t be larger than 36 linear inches (16 x 11 x 8 inches) or 89 centimeters (41 x 28 x 20 cm).

It should also fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.

Items like jackets, umbrellas, diaper bags, duty-free purchases, and assistive devices (like wheelchairs or strollers) don’t count towards your carry-on allowance.

If you’re sitting in a bulkhead seat, there’s no storage space under the seat in front of you, so all your carry-on items must be placed in the overhead bin during takeoff and landing.

What is the Oversized Baggage Fee on United Airlines?

United Airlines Checked Baggage Weight

United Airlines a further $200.00 baggage fee is charged for bags that measure from 63 to 115 linear inches or 160 to 292 centimeters.

Bags, in which the total linear dimensions are larger than 115 in or 292 cm, won’t be accepted as checked luggage.

For a third bag and any other bag, the charge of $150 is valid but it is subject to variations according to your route.

It is wise to use the airline’s “Baggage Calculator” offered on their website to know the exact value of your specific itinerary.

Recall that there are fixed and unfixed excess baggage limitations for certain Caribbean, Central American, European, Mexican, Middle East, and South American countries.

It’s possible to find out the restrictions on United airline’s website.

Before boarding, make sure you know the size limits of your carry-on bag as United Airlines has them.

On the other hand, you may be willing to pay more for a bigger or heavier carry-on, but it doesn’t guarantee all of them will be allowed on the plane.

Handbags that weigh more than 100 lbs (45 kg) and those larger than 115 inches in size won’t be accepted.

Please take into account that an extra cost may be charged, depending on these factors as the type of ticket you bought and the destination.

A U.S. military member, dependent, or even a frequent flier of United Airlines’ rewards program or its partner carriers, or the holder of the United Airlines-sponsored credit or charge card, too.

For U.S. domestic flights, United Airlines’ standard checked baggage fees are as follows:

1. First bag: $35.00

2. Second bag: $45.00

3. Third bag and any additional bags: $150 bag

Traveler Tips For Baggage

These few traveler tips will reduce the risk of missing your bag;

1. Before heading to the airport, take off any old baggage tags.

2. If you’re checking in a bag, make sure you arrive at the airport with plenty of time.

3. Hang on to the receipt for your bag tag. It’s a good idea to snap a photo of your bag and the receipt together, just in case.

4. Put your phone number or email address on a luggage tag or inside your bag. That way, if the tag gets lost, we can still reach you.

5. Consider using a bag tracker or a device like an AirTag to keep tabs on your bag during your journey.

6. Put any important things like medication, valuables, keys, and your wallet in the bag you’re bringing onto the plane with you.

And remember, some things can’t be taken on the plane because they’re considered dangerous.

These include camping gear with fuel, defense sprays, fireworks, firearms, and tasers.

What Distinguishes Economy Plus from the United Economy?

United Airlines offers 17.3-inch wide seats in Economy with a legroom of 31 inches.

If you move up to Economy Plus, you will experience the same width, yet with 6 inches of extra legroom which sums up to 37 inches.

Economy and Economy Plus passengers are offered this extra headroom for free, but all the passengers are charged for using checked bags while traveling domestically.

On the contrary, the basic economy tickets give a right to carry along only one personal item that shall be of small size.

Economy Plus seats are 2.5cm wider than the regular economy seats and have up to 36 inches of legroom.

They allow you to benefit from extras like early boarding or better quality food.

Premium Economy which is the best option for the many comfort and service is also available.

You can opt for an Economy Plus at any stage of your journey, from booking to boarding.

Such seats fall in the same class as economy but are situated just behind the first-class cabin.

They are more expensive than public transport but they offer some advantages such as free alcoholic drinks on particular lines.

When flying United Airlines, you should be aware of how much weight your checked baggage can take.

Travelers will thus be able to meet their airline’s check-in requirements and have a hassle-free trip by knowing the baggage restrictions and packing accordingly.

Even if it’s Economy or Economy Plus, it’s always a good idea to know the rules because you don’t want to be in a stressful situation while you are traveling.

Hence, when you go packing next time, remember to keep the baggage weight limits in mind, and you’ll be able to sail through.

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