Do Southwest Employees Family Fly Free

How Many Free Flights Do Southwest Employees Get?

Do Southwest employees family fly free? If you have a friend or family member who works for an airline, you likely know someone who works for an airline and has mentioned the flight benefits.

Do Southwest Employees Family Fly Free

Southwest understands the significance of employees and therefore works on motivating them through different programs.

At its core, the standard is to promote a “culture of caring,” where the health of employees is more important than anything else.

A common question that we receive is whether Southwest employees and their family members can fly free. Let’s find out!

Do Southwest Employees Family Fly Free?

Southwest Airlines’ workers get a great privilege called Freedom to Fly, which is one of the many reasons why working for the airline is so exciting.

This advantage allows the employees and their family members who are eligible to travel on Southwest Airlines without paying any fare and without any restrictions.

That implies that employees, spouses/partners, dependent children (under 19 or full-time students up to 24), and even parents can also experience the joy of skying with Southwest.

While Southwest has ties with other airlines for benefits, traveling for free is not a given as a non-paying passenger.

Other times, you may need to pay fees according to the airline and where you are heading.

What are the Other Advantages of Southwest Employees?

The advantages include:

1. Health Coverage

Employees are well covered by health insurance, which includes medical, prescription, dental, and vision care.

Moreover, a dedicated Employee Assistance Program is focused on mental health support.

2. Insurance Protection

The company insures life and the accidental death and dismemberment.

Employees can also add up to life insurance and other voluntary benefits by their choice.

3. SWAG Points

Southwest Airlines has the unique SWAG employee recognition program which is an innovative employee appreciation program.

SWAG builds a culture where employees can openly show their appreciation to their team members with notes of recognition and nominations for awards.

4. Disability Support

Southwest provides short-term disability benefits to Noncontract Employees and those employees who have agreements specified in collective bargaining.

Pilots receive coverage under loss of license disability, while all other employees receive traditional long-term disability benefits.

5. Financial Security

Employees can have a set retirement plan which is the 401(k) plan and the company also contributes a matching amount.

Also, there’s the Employee Stock Purchase Plan and the Profit Sharing Plan, which are another way of securing a financial future.

6. Paid Time Off

Southwest values work-life balance.

They grant extensive paid time off which consists of vacations, personal time, sick leave, disability benefits, holidays, and parental leave for Non-Contract Employees.

7. Staff And Leadership Development

At Southwest, the learning and development of individuals is our strategic area of focus. 

The company offers a comprehensive selection of professional development options, such as face-to-face classes, online courses, mentorships, and other resources.

This allows the staff to acquire the required tools and to get the support that they need to achieve their professional goals.

How Long Do Employees Stay in Southwest Airlines?

With the leadership of CEO Robert E. Jordan, Southwest Airlines has a workforce of nearly 58,803 people with different origins.

A great characteristic of Southwest’s workforce is the high retention rate that the company has.

On average, the employee tends to remain within the organization for five and a half years.

Said figure is a real testimony to the wonderful working environment and the career growth chances that Southwest provides, which is why many individual professionals consider it a long-term career destination.

How Many Vacation Days Do Southwest Employees Receive?

Southwest Airlines’ PTO (Paid Time Off) and vacation policy offer employees a generous annual leave allowance, ranging from 20 to 30 days. 

Employees can enjoy substantial time off throughout the year to rest, recharge, and spend quality time with their loved ones. 

Interestingly, about 71% of Southwest’s employees are expected to completely disconnect from work while on vacation.

This policy reflects Southwest’s dedication to ensuring its employees have ample opportunities to relax and rejuvenate, ultimately contributing to their overall well-being and job satisfaction.

What are the Highest Paying Jobs At Southwest Airlines?

Do Southwest Employees Family Fly Free

Below is a table outlining the highest-paid jobs at Southwest Airlines:

PositionsAverage SalaryHourly Pay
Senior Software Engineer$120,951$58.15
Lead Technician$119,472$57.44
Senior Java Developer$119,387$57.40
Quality Assurance Lead$110,165$52.96
Java/J2ee Developer$105,743$50.84
Quality Assurance Analyst$90,112$43.32
Business Analyst$89,786$43.17
Business Consultant$89,685$43.12
Team Leader$87,497$42.07
Finance Associate$81,610$39.24
Operations Manager$74,277$35.71
Office Manager$47,923$23.04
Crew Scheduler$47,095$22.64
Payroll Specialist$44,350$21.32
Ground Operations Supervisor$42,520$20.44
Human Resources Coordinator$41,860$20.13
Operation Supervisor$38,715$18.61

How Often Do Southwest Employees Receive Raises?

Southwest employees receive annual raises outlined in their union contracts until they reach the maximum pay rate for their position, known as “topping out.”

At this point, raises are tied to the negotiation and ratification of new union contracts, which generally occur approximately every five years. 

This structure ensures that employees have the opportunity to progress financially within the company over time, with regular raises until they reach the top pay tier.

Southwest Airlines boasts some of the most enticing employee benefits and perks in the industry. 

From generous financial rewards and travel privileges to comprehensive medical coverage and a strong commitment to charity, they offer a package that keeps top talent happy and loyal.

These benefits aren’t just attractive to potential hires; they’re essential for any company looking to stay competitive. 

By adopting a similar approach, you can bolster your ability to attract and retain employees. 

Not only do these perks give you an edge in the job market, but they also contribute to the overall happiness and satisfaction of your team.

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