Will Southwest Airlines Automatically Check Me in?

Will Southwest automatically check me in? This is a common question that has been wandering among travellers travelling with Southwest Airlines. If you are interested in knowing more about Southwest Airlines automatically checking you in then you’re on the right path.

Automatic check-in is an option that takes care of the check-in process for you, meaning you don’t have to do it yourself.

When you enable automatic check-in, it will automatically check you in 48 hours before your flight. And it is for all passengers and aviation in the booking.

This means you can skip the manual check-in process and enjoy a smoother travel experience. So let’s find out if Southwest Airlines offers an Automatic Check-in service.

Will Southwest Automatically Check Me in?

Southwest Airlines doesn’t offer automatic check in. You need to check in by yourself, starting 24 hours before your flight.

Check in happens automatically if you went for the EarlyBird Check in service.

This happens 36 hours before general boarding positions become available which thereby ensures that you have a better chance of securing a favorable boarding position and seat.

So, if you booked EarlyBird Check-In, Southwest will indeed automatically check you in for your flight.

How Does Southwest’s Automatic Check-In Work?

Southwest’s automatic check-in service starts 24 hours before the time your flight will depart. This service is available to all their passengers, whether you are flying for business or leisure.

Here’s how it works:

1. Timing

The automatic check-in process begins precisely 24 hours before your flight. You don’t need to set a reminder; Southwest takes care of it for you.

2. Boarding Position

During the automatic check-in process, Southwest assigns you a boarding position.

This position determines when you’ll board the plane, so it’s essential to have a good one for the best seat selection.

3. Check-in Confirmation

After successfully checking you in, Southwest will email you your boarding pass. You can also access it through the Southwest app or their website.

Benefits of Southwest’s Automatic Check-In

Now that you know how it works, let’s check out the benefits of Southwest’s automatic check-in service:

1. You will receive an earlier and better boarding position.

2. Also, you will have an improved seat selection whereby you will have more seats to choose from.

3. Automatic Check-in also ensures you have earlier access to overhead bins making it easier to find space for your carry-on items and reducing the stress of boarding.

4. It also saves you time at the airport. You can head straight to security or your departure gate with your boarding pass.

How Much is Auto Check-in for Southwest?

Now, when it comes to the price, it’s not so much about how much in terms of money, but rather, how much in terms of your peace of mind.

You see, with auto check-in, you don’t have to be in a rush, sometimes standing in long lines, sweating under the sun, worrying if you’ll get a good seat or not.

They give you a boarding position automatically, yes. By doing so, you can focus on other things, like making sure you have your passport or enjoying a last minute cup of tea with your loved ones before you depart.

Now, as for the price, well, it varies depending on the type of fare you’ve chosen, maybe you’re flying one way or round trip.

But just have it in heart that it’s a small price to pay for the convenience it brings. Think of it as investing in your peace of mind, in your comfort during your journey.

The cost begins at $15 to about $25 for a single journey, remember that it all depends on what’s available.

You know how it goes; prices may change depending on how many people want to fly and how far the journey stretches.

Now, here’s the thing: even if you splash out on the EarlyBird Check-In, there’s no guarantee you’ll be the first one to jump into that plane.

Southwest reserves the top 15 spots for those people who opt for the Business Select tickets.


Does Southwest A-List Have Automatic Check in?

Does Southwest A-List Have Automatic Check in?
Southwest Automatic check-in process

Southwest Airlines has special elite levels: A-List and A-List Preferred. But listen closely, because their elite status is somehow different from other big airlines.

The A-List with Southwest is like bagging a golden ticket, granting you access to convenience and comfort.

Being on the A-List has its own benefits. A few of the benefits are Priority boarding, bonus points, and dedicated check-in counters.

Now, let’s talk about the levels themselves, for A-List, you need to rack up 25. one-way flights or earn 35,000 Tier Qualifying Points. It’s like taking one step at a time, until you reach the final destination of A-List status.

But if you look higher, there’s A-List Preferred. To reach this level, ensure you gather 50 one-way flights or 70,000 Tier Qualifying Points. It’s a journey that requires determination, but the rewards at the end are worth every effort.

So, if you find yourself on the A-List without a Business Select ticket, worry not. Thirty-six (36) hours before your flight takes off, Southwest’s got your back.

They’ll automatically check you in, starting from position A-16. Now, how they decide who gets what position, that’s a bit of a mystery. Southwest keeps its method under wraps.

However, if you’re dreaming of soaring to new heights with Southwest, remember the path to elite status is paved with Tier Qualifying Points earned through flights and credit card swipes.

Keep flying, keep spending, and soon enough, you’ll find yourself among the elite, enjoying the privileges that come with A-List and A-List Preferred status.

Do You Have to Check in Twice on Southwest Airlines?

With Southwest, you don’t need to check in twice for a single flight.

If all your flights are booked together, you’ll get a boarding pass for your first flight, also, one for any connecting flights when you check in.

But if they’re booked separately, you have to check in separately for each flight you’ve got a reservation number for.

Southwest opens their check-in 24 hours before departure. The earlier you check in, the better your boarding position.

Now, there’s a little trick called EarlyBird Check-In. If you opt for this, Southwest checks you in automatically, giving you a better shot at nabbing a prime spot. But have in heart that, even with EarlyBird, you still need to check in once for your flight.

Ensure you’re on time for that first check-in, and you’ll be ready to jet off on your adventure stress free.

Finally, Southwest Airlines doesn’t provide automatic check in services. Passengers have to check in manually, starting 24 hours before departure. Remember automatic check-in only happens if you opt for Earlybird check-in services.

Safe travels!

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