What is Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Salary Per Month?

What is Southwest Airlines flight attendant salary per month? You may be curious to know the salary they pay flight attendants who work at Southwest Airlines. You are in the right place. Continue reading!

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Salary Per Month

Are you contemplating a career as a Southwest flight attendant? Surely, one of the initial queries revolves around the expected pay.

Understanding the nuances of the compensation structure is essential for any career decision, and the aviation industry is no exception.

Therefore, if the prospect of becoming a flight attendant at Southwest intrigues you, understanding this essential information is imperative.

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Salary Per Month

The salaries of flight attendants at Southwest Airlines depend. It is not the same for the different job search websites.

A flight attendant for Southwest Airlines can expect to make between $7.90 and $64.35 per hour on Indeed.

For flight attendants at Southwest Airlines, Glassdoor offers a monthly estimate that ranges from $3,300 to $6,200.

According to ZipRecruiter, flight attendants at Southwest Airlines make between $5.75 and $29.55 per hour.

The rate of pay per hour range for a Southwest Airlines flight attendant is $29 to $54, according to salary.com.

These salary ranges provide insight into the various pay scales and factors that affect pay rates. That is as well as the financial aspects of working as a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines.

What Kind of Benefits do Flight Attendants Get?

The benefits they receive are as follows:

1. Flight attendants receive medical benefits. This is both for them and their families. It makes sure that they have access to necessary healthcare services.

2. Dental coverage is also provided to flight attendants. This benefit meets the oral health needs of flight attendants.

3. Flight attendants also benefit from life insurance coverage. This benefit offers them financial protection for their families in unforeseen circumstances.


4. Many airlines offer flight attendants a 401(K)-retirement plan. This will allow them to save for the future with potential employer matches.

5. Flight attendants may have long-term disability coverage. The coverage will provide financial support during extended periods of inability to work due to illness or injury.

6. Flight attendants also enjoy paid vacation time. They use this opportunity to get rest and relaxation away from work.

7. Another benefit flight attendants receive is compensation for working on holidays. This is to acknowledge their dedication during festive seasons.

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant receives base pay, allowances, bonuses, and incentives as part of their monthly compensation.

The entire compensation package is attractive because of the airline’s dedication to recognizing and rewarding its staff.

Knowing what a Southwest Airlines flight attendant makes each month can give you important information about the industry.

Regardless of whether you’re thinking about working in aviation or you’re just interested in the money side of things.

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