How Do You Get a Boarding Pass from the Southwest Airlines App?

How to get a Boarding Pass from the Southwest Airlines App? It is very important you know how to get your boarding pass from the Southwest Airlines mobile app.

How to Get a Boarding Pass from the Southwest Airlines App?

Southwest Airlines has a mobile app that makes most of the boarding process simpler for their passengers.

This mobile app will help you to book your flight when you want to travel. You can also check in and get your boarding pass through the mobile app.

How to Get a Boarding Pass from the Southwest Airlines App?

It is very easy and simple to get your boarding pass on the Southwest Airlines app. Follow the steps below to get yours:

1. Check-In Successfully

You will start by completing the check-in process on the Southwest Airlines mobile app or mobile website.

As you are checking in, make sure that you enter your correct details such as your flight information and personal data.

2. Locate the “Boarding Pass” Button

After checking in the next thing you will do is to go through the app’s or mobile website’s interface. You will see the “boarding pass” button.

3. Tap the “Boarding Pass” Button

When you see the boarding pass, click or tap on it. This is when the process of getting your boarding pass starts.

4. Review Your Boarding Pass

You will then see your boarding pass on the screen after you click on the boarding pass. Also, take time and check the details on the boarding pass. Make sure that they are correct.

5. Save or Screenshot Your Boarding Pass

The next thing to do is to save your boarding pass on your phone. You can also decide to screenshot the boarding pass.

Saving or taking a screenshot of your boarding pass will save you time in a case where there is no internet connection to access the app.

6. Use the Scannable QR Code

You will receive a Scannable QR code on your boarding pass. This code is very important for the onboarding process to go quickly and smoothly.

When the time to board at the airport comes, show your digital boarding pass with the QR code visible.


Can I still Get a Printed Boarding Pass?

Yes, you can get a printed boarding pass. So, if you prefer the printed boarding pass, Southwest Airlines have different option through which you can get one. These options are:

1. Print Online: You can decide to log in to your Southwest Airlines account on their website. Then go to the boarding pass option to print yours.

Make sure that you print out a clear copy of your boarding pass. And that can be achieved with a good printer.

2. Self-Service Kiosk at the Airport: Upon arriving at the airport, head to the self-service kiosks available in the check-in area.

Follow the on-screen prompts, input your details, and the kiosk will print your boarding pass for you.

3. Ticket Counter Assistance: If you prefer assistance or encounter any issues, visit the Southwest Airlines ticket counter.

The staff will be happy to help you with printing your boarding pass before your flight’s scheduled departure time.

What Happens if I Can’t Find My Boarding Pass?

If you can’t find your Southwest Airlines boarding pass, don’t panic. Head to the airline’s airport counter and report the loss.

To speed up the issuance of a new boarding pass, submit the staff with your passport information and booking details.

The airline is aware that these things happen, and their committed staff will help you quickly find a replacement.

Making sure you have the right paperwork for a smooth travel is an easy process.

Therefore, the secret to effectively resolving the situation if your boarding pass disappears is to report it as soon as possible at the airport counter.

Now you know how you can get your boarding pass. Just follow the steps below and get yours.

Have a Safe travel!

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